Android 8.0 Oreo is officially launched, and this time something is interesting coming out from Google. The new version of the platform does not seem to come as usual, and in recent months Google has been testing with its hardware partners, allowing the latter to update or launch new devices with the new software before the end of 2017. Google itself has confirmed some of the names on their blog.

According to a blog post on Android Developers, in the coming months, we will see new Oreo models or updates in the high-end models from some companies including Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, HMD Global (Nokia) and others.

There is no specification which manufacturer will release a new Oreo model and who is preparing an update, but it is very likely that all new IFA smartphones, at least those in the higher class, will come up with the latest version of Android.

It means that Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ1 and other models expected to have Android 8.0 by the end of the year.