The main objective of the Convention was protecting the nation's rivers. The 3 days program focused on water Parliament on disputed rivers and to solve the related issues.

18 August 2017was a historic day for The Social worker and water activist Peter Alexander, who has been for fighting to protect Ramlinga Bund for last 14 years by not shaving or cutting his hair.

In presence of Dr Rajendra Singh, the water man of India, the water activist, scientists and researchers ---all present at the bank of river Ramlinga. A Kalash containing water from 101 rivers, which was collected from all over India was poured into Ramlinga river. This was the first victorious step achieved by the activist Peter Alexander to prove solidarity of all the rivers.

After that the Activist passed on the work duty and responsibility to Dr. Nehaal Mayur, Representative to the United Nations and a staunch Water Advocate.

This was an overwhelming moment for Dr. Nehaal Mayur and he promised to dedicatedly to work life long to make this dream a reality. He wants to protect precious water in all the rivers and see that they flow again as they have always have.