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A new report from Android Police claims that Google's new smartphone Pixel XL 2 will have a large AMOLED display with thin frames including the aspect ratio of 2:1, and published an image that should give us an idea of how the device will look.

The design sounds like a consistent follow-up of the original Pixel, but unlike the previous Pixel now the device possesses minimal bezel and rounded corners.

Concerning specifications claimed in the report, the unit would have 6"AMOLED screen manufactured by LG, and generally, Koreans would be behind the hardware of Google's smartphone this year, not HTC.

According to the additional information, the new Google Pixel XL will have a framework with sensors such as the HTC U11.

Either way, it is an image design based on early details about the device and general specifications. We don't believe that it is the final version of Pixel XL 2 as most of the manufacturers, Google will also tweak some changes at the last minute before they launch this device in the market. Still, the design does not look bad.