Living a healthy lifestyle is crucial for people, to sustain in this fast paced generation. Moreover, when we talk about health and wellness in life, then it is not just about the healthy body but also about good mental health. Nowadays people are so busy in their working life that they do not care about their fitness, and unfortunately, that is not a good idea to do that.

People often suffer from different illnesses in daily life and all these things are related to abnormal health conditions. The primary cause of this poor health conditions is improper diet, injury, mental strain, lack of hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle.

Before explaining why health and wellness are important in our life, we need to understand the difference between health and wellness and why these two words are not synonymous to each other.

-Health refers to the absence of disease or abnormality in each of its dimensions.
-Wellness is much more than only physical health, workout or diet. It is the whole mixture of elements like physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Importance of Health and Wellness

Nowadays most of the diseases are controllable while in many circumstances we can prevent illness with efficiency. Still, a majority of our youngsters and adults are facing diseases such as diabetes, depression, and heart diseases because of their lack of sensitivity towards fitness and its importance.

Health and wellness have an enormous impact on our overall performance and efficiency. In another word, we must have better control over our life. An individual's efforts can only control health and wellness by doing physical exercise. Proper scheduling including integration of physical activities, regular exercises, and precise diet are the key factors for the preservation of our health and wellness. We must stay away from harmful addictions like smoking and heavy drinking as well and without compromising such bad habits, we cannot accomplish these healthy goals.

There are many advantages of a good life, and it does not have any bad aspect certainly. A healthy life will lead our body to become free from various sorts of diseases, and decreases the danger of early death; therefore, we will have a better and longer life.

Importance of Health and Wellness at Work

As an employee, we need to have a good healthy and active body. Then only our mind and body will be free from work stress and mental strain so we can handle the daily tasks at the workplace with a confident approach. It will ultimately make us feel more active person at our place of work, and we will be able to complete our tasks with ease. With no stress and free mind, we will only focus on positive things and will not bother about negative stuff. As a result, we will have a great day at the office, and will sleep well without any pain and stress. Eventually, we will not take any sick leave and will get a full salary in hand.