Every kid has a dream... A dream the kid shares with generations of other kids. To abolish the very root of distress in every kids life and live freely. A dream to have EXAM free education system. Well i have given over hundreds of tests and exams and each one of them was as excruciating and pain in my behind like the first one. Let me ask you this- how many times have we convinced ourselves that we will start studying the very first day when the new terms start and yeah our resolutions are answered by utter procrastination. Well exam times are the perfect time to procrastinate.for example a procrastinator like me would wait till the last moment and pray that the question papers would somehow catch fire or there would be flood and wash away and flood my school in the middle of march...

All jokes apart let me tell you about the stuff we do while studying for our exams... Let's go!


The Expert Planning!


Let me say this - Studying during exams somehow brings out the philosopher in us.... Like me in particular get caught between question like why do we walk on two legs to.. When will the next season of Sherlock come out (is Moriarity dead for real???) i would be all serious and plan out stuff but eventually end up doing something else-


At 9:00 AM- One day before Math paper


(Self talk) I am so going to do this. Let me just plan out the day so i can go conquer Math!


9:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Geometry of all the possible shapes


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM - TRIGNOMETRY


4:30 PM - 8:00 PM - that chapter with too many formulas

8:00 PM - 11:00 PM - REVISION


(Self talk) YAYY! We all set now


At 9:15 AM

I wonder when supernatural is coming.... Castiel is possessed by Lucifer.. Ohh my it is going to be one badass episode.. It is going to air on Wednesday.. Hmmm..OH.. Today IS WEDNESDAY!! That is AWESOME..I totally deserve a 45 mins break... I can fit it somewhere. Let me just put a reminder, I case I forget.

Then i put on the TV and that is it. Its over right there... These television people are so evil I swear, they have to telecast all the new released movies and shows during exam time. You are rightly called the IDIOT BOX!?!!! I t is not just me, but a lot of people would agree on the fact that it is so easy to procrastinate during studying. Like i procrastinate like its my job. Like straight up from drawing random doodles on my study notes especially while studying physics. I actually question my sanity during these times, like i could be reading Newton's third law


"Every object has an equal and opposite force of attraction on other"


And randomly doodling hearts all over my book. Where is the focus manh


The Phone Zone


Being the 90'S kid, i have seen the eventual evolution of the modes of communication. From sending letter through Khabootars to asking SIRI (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) the meaning of LIFE, we have seen it all. Like there was a time when parents would keep the phone out of kids reach during exams as it could be a distraction for them. But now i have half of my syllabus notes in my picture gallery, sent by random classmates of mine.


Having phone during studying is an absolute necessity now, like Google is my legit hommie, searching for math problems to motivational quotes to accidentally clicking on link that redirects me to a site offering 80% off on all purchases. My phone can be like the JOKER at times like tempting me to do 100 of other fun things, sneering at me "Why So Serious" Look while flashing candy crush life updates.




Food all over



Only fix for sleepiness while studying is not studying and FOOD! Like food is our legit companion during exam time. Be it the Hot chai or coffee that keeps us awake during the night time. Well it is supposed to that is what science says. But it never works on me! Like seriously how many times have you dropped those pieces of potato chips or samosa chutney on old reference books. Yeah dude we all have done that at some point.


 Like if i could get refund on all the xeroxed notes that i never even once looked at i could buy the new IPHONE. Those xerox notes never say the light of the day. And the only time they do is when i take them out to sell them to the radhiwala. MARO PAISO CHE!!









Baba Exam Dev


This is something we all do while studying, the search for the perfect position to study position. Well it is not that simple like Kim Kardashian would find herself the perfect husband before i find that one position that will help me study without dozing off.


So I would try to sit on the plastic chair, trying all kinda aasans that would let me study. But this chair be as uncomfortable as the blind date with the random guy you met on Facebook. Eventually i would give up the idea and run back into the welcoming arms of the SOFA.


We all know how evil that sofa can be, it would contour itself to your body shape and you would be all comfortable not realising that you are slowly sinking in with your notes in one hand. You would eventually stretch your legs like " ohhh my legs fell asleep sitting like this. And after a few minutes your hands on the armrest need stretching and that's it you have doozed off with your notes on your face.


Well if you can relate to this *my condolences* This is why i am a failure. I aint getting anything in life! I can cahnge my name to Prem. Because Prem always gets the girl. Prem gets bavuji's aashirvad. Like Prem gets all the DHAN!!! Well me " Prem exams me marks Nathi Payo"



All the best to all ya lovelives for your Final Terms! May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor