Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni feels that current cricket T20 team is ready to play anywhere in the world, and it can take on any team.

This team is "balanced" and playing good cricket in current Asia Cup 2016. MS Dhoni states that team is playing excellent cricket and can play in any condition especially in this T20 format. He also praised that all the members of the team are executing a proper role and trying their best for the team.

We have decent seamers in our team and also have two spinners when we need more at that time we have part-timers. Dhoni says I think it is the right combination of all kind of bowling.

"As I said, any good team if they are the home team, they will always know the conditions very well. So to beat a home team is always difficult. Also Bangladesh, over the years has developed a lot. They have improved their strength. They know the condition well, as I have said. It will be a good final." Dhoni concluded.