After spending several thousand rupees to get a Graduate … ohhh no a Postgraduate degree, I realized how easily we were fooled in believing that we will have companies rushing towards us to employ us after we graduate and how we will hand pick our dream job. Now I am like who is that person who told me 'science main scope hai', I am gonna find that person slap him two time and make him watch Dilwale. This is what I feel like searching for my dream job - It's like a dog who thinks it has found a bone and is trying to bite his own tail! And all the interviews! Gaaahhh it's just exhausting! Well most of you who have graduated have a fair share of experience with interviews; it can leave you sad or ecstatic (till you actually join in) and leave you with amusing memories. For those of you who don't know what the bananas I am talking here are a few whacky characters' you will happen to meet during job interviews.

1. The Golum

Now this is an amusing character that you will find at almost all the job interviews. Now this person would be a complete stranger, who would come up to you after your technical round and ask "Hie, how was your interview?" and you will be all emotional and happy and thinking that 'what a nice person, this is why I still have faith in humanity!'  But before you can answer his question he would ruin all you expectation by saying" what did they ask you in interview? Ohh…just wait let me pull out my phone so that I can Google the answer" and I would be like SHEMUURRR! I don't want to be a spoil sport, it is okay to ask questions like these to the person sitting besides you, but this person would be sitting like literally the other end of the room and come running towards you to ask just how screwed up you are. Like don't be offended hommie, this person would do the same thing to the next person who has finished their round. This person is so determined that they bring their 'Notes' So that they can prepare for the technical round. They remind me of the Golum who runs around asking everyone 'Have you seen my Precious???" straight up from Lord of the Rings.

2. The Spot On

We all like to dress up well for Job Interviews; that spotless shoe, well tucked in shirts and the well ironed formal pants, especially people like me, who think dressing up smart, will get me the job. All did up and take a picture which is straight up #OOTD and go up with all swag, just to have your confidence blown out to shreds. This person, who looks like a first class pass out from IIT whose degree would make our certificates look like stamp paper. The smile and the confidence with which this person talks has a single subtitle attached to it: I AM SO GOING TO GET THIS JOB. And all I feel like is to pack my bags and leave because there is no way I would get a job if Einstein's grandson has showed up for the interview!

3. The Killer Chiller

This would be the most chilled out person in the room. Whenever you look at this person, he/she would be busy texting someone or hushing in their phone not giving any damn what going around them. It seems like the HR person gave a call to this person ' you have an interview today' and they showed up here in the most non-formal way wearing whatever they could lay their hands on. Some people find this a bit offensive, especially the one who think wearing formals is somehow going to get them the job (that's not me :p) and they would enter they interview place in a very swag manner, while half the crowd is wondering 'why are they dressed like this, when this person shows up in casuals?' you would be literally banging your head during aptitude round, trying hard to figure out who is the son and who is the father in the question and why the answer you calculated isn't given in the options column, while this person finishes the test in half the time #THUGLIFE

4. The Jholer

This is the person who is all experienced with a couple of years of professional experience in their hands or should I say tricks up their sleeves. Now it is pretty easy to spot this person, they would be seen talking to a group of people who they have been acquainted with during other interviews and would be busy chatting with them as if it's the not here for the Interview, but the effing David Letterman show. I mean how? Job interviews are the last place where I would expect to make friends with all the tension and anxiety, I would rather prefer to go up and sit in a abandoned mansion and tell my problems to the bats on the ceiling pretending one of them is Batman. This person is so resourceful that they would know the CTC, the pension plans they offer in various companies and firms and how much the CEO's driver is getting paid. They will be like" Yeah that company offers a good package (salary) along with health insurance cover for you and your family, your milkman, your watchman and his dog. But you know this company is bit stingy, not a good working environment, well that's what I heard" the why the eff are you here, bruh?? Well do you see how evil they are, they are like the Evil Queen from Snow White, and they will put every idea in your mind so you would take a bite from the poisonous apple of their talks!

Well I am done ranting, best of luck to all the graduates who are hunting for jobs, may the odds be ever in you favour! Peace.