Its few days till Christmas Yayyy! My Christmas week tradition every year is watching home alone 1 and 2 while gorging in all the plum cake. It really turns on my Christmas mode.

All those special filters and apps that give you Christmas themed wallpapers are really dope. We even make our own Rap version of ‘Rudolp the red nose reindeer’ and the song ‘I am dreaming of a white Christmas’ is just perfect! Let me tell you this is not a racist song as you all might think, but about a guy wishing for snowfall on Christmas Eve.

But like every other festival which is meant to spread the beautiful message of Love and Sharing, but which is eventually gobbled up by materialistic things and meaningless routines. These are those things that try to hinder my jolly good Christmassy spirit.

1) The Shopping Clauses
Shopping during festive season can be a herculean task as we rush through the stores to pick the perfect dress. But the horror has just begun as I see the mile long queue for the changing room. So after spending a whole lifetime in that line when I finally approach the changing booth, this sales associate would come up to me and says “ma’am you can take only 2 outfits with you at a time and only one person in a booth” and I am like ’hommie who will help me zip up this dress or what if my arms are stuck like a a zombies while wearing a dress, who is gonna help me then huh???
To avoid this I tried online shopping and ordered a dress that looked so dope on the screen of my pc : Dark peach colored, faux wool knee-length dress. But when the dress got delivered it looked like the ‘ Pocha ka Kapda’ my mom uses to clean the kitchen counter. Like Santa Clause please help me, but all the Santa I am getting is the Clauses I see around in stores:

Well I tell you what I am getting free- the constant nagging of this sales associate of yours and literally I get scared if I hear the word ‘Ma’am’ after that shopping trip.
As I am done with my shopping and exit that store, I can see those mannequins smiling at me with a devilish smirk on that face which translates ‘See You Soon’.

2) The vanishing act

This is a dilemma most of us face during Festive season, when we lose that one piece of decoration that you bought or used the previous year which is now no where to be seen! Things get pretty crazy when we have to buy a new replacement because we all know
How costly things get as the festive approaches. These stuff would be available at normal prices on any other day, but during festive their price just skyrocket’s. Consumerism I say! And that’s just not it m mom send me grocery shopping at least twice again after my first trip. This is something that happens-

Mom- Did you get the eggs?
Me- Yes Mom
Mom- what about the Maida?
Me- Yes Mom that too!
Mom- what about the jaggery?
Me- Yes Mom, wait what there wasn’t any jaggery in that list!?
Mom-but I told you to get it when you were leaving and you said ‘okay I heard it’

Last year was the height of things, like we lost our Christmas tree and after not finding it, I had to go buy a new less attractive one, two days before Christmas Eve. And you know what we find the old one lying in a corner the very next day!!!

3) Happy Exams to You too!

There is nothing more absolutely irritating and depressing than studying during Christmas holidays. I mean I’ll be back home after Midnight mass, playing Christmas Carols and texting friends, wishing them ‘Merry Christmas’ and this is what follows

Me- Merry Christmas!
Friend- wishing you the same! Bdw jus askin did ya study dat chap n0.7 in physics?
Me- huh? Whch one?
Friend – da one whch bout magnets and currents
Me- I tot dat chap was for nxt sem!!
Friend- Nah.. itz fo dis sem, a totl of 10 mrks 4 dis chap alone. Dnt tl me ya din knw dat!??
Me- nooooooooo!


New Years Eve comes with
New hopes, new opportunities and Hell lotta resolutions to make.
I am not a fan of the whole ‘New Years Resolutions’ thing. Simply because it is more of an irritating tradition because we all know how successful we were in keeping up with the last years resolution and how we are going to break this year’s in the next couple of days or even minutes after New Years Eve.
- This year I’m going to work hard and get good grades.
- This year I’m going lose weight and cut down on all the junk food.
- This year I am totally not going to use bad words.
And I am going to try hard to follow them till 2nd of January or the next few days while my friends laugh on my face as I desperately try to convince myself to not break them. But who am I kidding, all my resolutions are going to get puffed away like my pocket money in the next few days and somehow my brain forgets I made these resolutions after MY FIRST TERM EXAMS, WHEN SOMEONE THROWS A PARTY AND THE MOMENT I BOARD MUMBAI LOCAL. While my brain screams’ why me??’ and I pray” please Santa, Don’t put me in the naughty kids list!!”
I believe that you don’t have to wait till New Years Eve to make resolutions or as I call it ‘A Positive Change’. You can start today; this is a new day. So make a few changes in your life that will make you happy and proud of yourself tomorrow. Start today! It’s a beautiful day indeed!