Increased usage of Internet service in India led to e-pharmacy business i.e. the online selling of medicines and drugs. However, with a demand to ban the online sale of medicines and drugs the day-long nationwide strike was called by All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) on Wednesday. Around 55,000 retail chemists from all-over Maharashtra joined the All-India strike.

The main demand of the chemists is to ban on sale of online medicines, including dangerous drugs through various websites with some other issues.

"All over retail chemists have joined the nationwide strike of over 8,00,000 chemists in all states and union territories making it total success," AIOCD President, J.S. Shinde said.

Although, 8,00,000 chemists all over India have participated in the strike and necessary arrangements have been made in various hospitals to keep on regular flow of availability of medicines for patients, J.S. Shinde assured.

The strike was in public interest as the sale of online medicines and drugs are harmful for the human body even it can ease for low quality and unbranded medicines to enter in market. Even the online selling of drugs may addict youth in India which would be a great loss. It could also affect the availability of medicines in rural India.

Despite of complaining by the AIOCD, government authorities are not taking necessary actions against this illegal e-pharmacy business. At present, online pharmacies supply I-Pills, MTP kits, anti-depressants, cough syrups and so on without any confirmation of prescriptions to the patients.

According to J.S. Shinde, “we can't just compare with other developed countries as they have good manpower and infrastructure to provide online medical facilities”.