Motion Pictures or movies, or for that any matter Media in general, are usually said as mirror of society. Anyhow that's what the majority of population in India consciously or subconsciously likely to follow the believes. Still the the question arises, whether the media truly reflects the society or not, there's no question to media for having a big sociocultural influence on the society.

Today, the trend to portray a women in movies, these days comparatively varies than those before a decade or a few. Women have been taken into account as an ideal homemakers, as the aim of their life. But in recent movies, except some it rarely consists of an 'ideal woman' doing anything, but being as a housewife. And in movies where a woman is shown of having more decision taking power in hand than her husband, still wife is depict in bad light or an antagonist. And the final touch up in the end, that she is been slapped by her husband, with a usual dialogue 'I should have slapped you much earlier'. And lastly realization by the wife, the same ends up with everyone seems to be happy. Happy ending!

Things appears to be worse over a time, as well as women sketched in advertising is concerned. Mostly, advertisements depicts a woman either washing clothes and utensils, cooking, serving food to family members, trying to make her husband and child health better, when they suffer from cold. A woman do all her work even she's if suffering from headache or backache. Such advertisements arguably influence sexism; reinforcing with an ancient belief that woman should be taken for granted and abandon their comfort and keep on doing their household chores without getting fatigued.

Same with soap operas of past times and recent ones. Although in many of these soap operas, it is showed a woman has more decision power than the male counterparts, but still in real life, its very difficult to come across these fad. Furthermore, than their wilderness and not-so-modern counterparts, they also portray woman wearing modern clothes and seems to be very confident.

Coming across this statement: 'The media should restrain from drawing a woman as commodities and sex objects '. Still media frames woman as objects in way that can catch attraction of people. Hindi media's main problem is that it lacks not only with protagonist women, but is completely without of complex women.

There are many dialogues and most famous as obscenity for a man is 'jaa choodhi pehen kar baithe reh (go wear bangles (like a woman) you useless fellow ) an insult for a man. But, really woman's cosmetics are their weakness. Where woman plays all her role as a mother, sister, wife and do her work very responsibly and not only non-economic purpose but also their economic profession. And if their makeup is said to be weakness, then actually our mind is lacking behind in accepting the fact. And I probably bet this most of the men wouldn't read this article. Because blue is for boys, pink is for girls. Men only read the contents which depict manly explicit. I think sometimes what is this psychology. Its time for a change.