Earlier Nokia was seen almost daily in the news but after the Microsoft acquisition we saw the departure of the once biggest Smartphone maker of the world.

As seen the recent sale of its Maps, the purchase of Alcatel-Lucent and finally the presentation of professional VR camera OZO, we can pretend that Finnish company is looking for a strong comeback which is also seen as resurrection of Nokia brand.

Reuters looked around what the company is planning and has found strong evidence that Nokia's return to the smartphone market is shaping in one way or another. Reuters has now published the evidence under the title "Back to the Future", as a little reminder to the old power of Nokia.

The rumors of a comeback are not new. But on the contrary, Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri has publicly confirmed itself in June in an interview and, therefore, caught up the expectations of the Group. According to the agreement with Microsoft till late 2016 Nokia can not enter into the handset business and launch its own stand-alone product into the market.

Many new jobs in California Advertised on LinkedIn

Whether the Finnish company will launch its smartphone under the name of Nokia or not is still unclear. According to Reuters, technology division of Nokia has advertised on LinkdIn about the jobs in California. The list of vacancies is long and includes, Designer, developer, sales manager, and engineers, who are familiar with the Web, Android or iOS development in the mobile space.

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